신현만 회장

CEO Shin, Hyeon-Man

After majoring in English Education at Seoul National University, Shin studied journalism at the Graduate school of Hanyang University and worked as a visiting researcher at the Journalism School of the University of Missouri at Columbia. After working as a journalist for many years, he also worked as general manager of secretarial bureau and planning department at Hankyoreh News Daily. With the foundation of Hankyoreh Communications, he issued “Economy 21” which is a weekly based economic magazine and “Think Money” which is a weekly stock investment magazine while doing a business consulting. He formerly worked as a CEO of a venture investment firm named Angel World. Shin wrote a range of published books such as '21 Things To Do In Your Twenty', '3 Years After Entering The Company', and others.

전일안 부사장 / 본부장

Vice President Jeon, Anna

Graduated from Yonsei University. Had worked for an education company as a CS manager and consultant. Had also worked as a research manager and search consultant (director) for a world-famous US Executive Search Firm. She was a chief of the Consumer & Healthcare group at Careercare. Now she is a director of the Executive Search Group at Careercare.

진국영 부사장 / 본부장 / 경영기획실장

Vice President Jin, kuk-Young

Graduated from Seoul National University. (major: Korean History) and worked as a reporter at the Donga & Chosun Daily. After working as a product sector chief of the Namo Interactive, he set up an e-business venture company. So He have rich knowledge experience about IT Division. After joining at Careercare, he was a director about CEO consulting & Reference check of major company with New business & Planning Strategy Dept. Had also worked as a chief of Global Business Group. Now he is a director of Management Strategy Dept at careercare.

유승희 부사장 / 본부장

Vice President Yoo, Seung-Hee

Graduated from Yonsei University. (major: Education) and worked for the Hankyoreh News Daily at planning dept. for a decade. She built up rich experience and network in business areas including management, finance and media. She was a chief of Management Strategy Dept and the finance group at Executive Search. Now She is a chief of Recruiting Consulting Group at Careercare.

이영미 전무 / 본부장

Senior Executive Director Lee, Young-Mi

She has a long consulting experience as a executive search consultant for global companies and large domestic corporations. She interacts ordinarily with core talents and knows well about their situation. It helps her respond quickly to the requests for talents. Now she is a chief of Global Search Group at Careercare and in charge of discovering core talents and training consultants. She graduated from Kookmin University. (major: English Literature) and worked at Cathay Pacific and Giordano.