신현만 회장

CEO Shin, Hyeon-Man

Hyun-man Shin is a journalist, a leadership expert, and a CEO. Mr. Shin holds a BA in English Education from Seoul National University and a master’s degree from the Graduate school of Journalism & Mass Communication Hanyang University. He worked as a journalist and served as the head of the president’s office and planning department as the CEO of a subsidiary company of Hankyoreh. Also, he was a visiting professor at Open Cyber University of Korea and worked as the CEO of The Asia Business Daily Co., Ltd. He wrote many bestsellers on leadership, self-improvement and economics & Business. For example, 『CEO’s Principles』, 『Why do you go to work』, 『CEO’s thinking』, 『To be a boss』, 『Above all, win a person’s favor』, 『1% secret of the people the company holds』. He has directed the management of the company as a Chairman. Further, he has consulted, lectured, taught, written, and broadcasted on leadership, human resources, and organizational management.

진국영 부사장 / 본부장 / 경영기획실장

President Jin, kuk-Young

Kuk-young Jin majored in Korean History at Seoul National University and completed military service as an Air Force officer. Mr. Jin worked as a journalist at the Donga & Chosun Daily. He directed productization in Namo Interactive and developed E-Biz in another venture company. Based on his great knowledge and a wealth of experience in the IT field, he completely understands recent trends. After joining Careercare, he consulted for major companies as chief of Global Business headquarters. Mr. Jin, the current president of Careercare, establishes medium-and long-term strategies including a new business model and takes charge of business planning.

이영미 전무 / 본부장

Vice President Lee, Young-Mi

Young-mi Lee has extensive experience in consulting global enterprises and major conglomerates about talent for executives. Also, she establishes a wide network of CEOs of major companies and talent. Ms. Lee discovers talented people and CEOs for the international expansion of Korean companies and leads consulting business as the director of Global Business Headquarters at Careercare. Further, she has actively engaged in giving lectures, writing, and broadcasting about how to procure and cultivate talented personnel for companies. After graduating from Kookmin University with a B.A. in English Literature, she worked for Cathay Pacific and Giordano.

윤문재 전무 / 본부장

Senior Executive Director Yun, Moon-Jae

Moon-jae Yun majored in Economics at Korea University, and had worked at Cheil worldwide Inc. for 24 years and was in charge of advertising planning and human resources department. Mr. Yun was a director of advertisement and communication while progressing campaign about PR of fashion, motors, and corporations. He discovered, promoted, estimated, and placed talent as chief human resources officer. Then, he worked as a director of brand marketing, PR, and HR at Megabox. Also, he establishes a wide network with CEOs of major Korean companies based on a wealth of experience and expertise in advertising, brand marketing, content, and human resources. Mr. Yun currently leads consulting department for consulting strategies of CEOs and experts and directs the director of Mirae Business headquarters at Careercare.