신현만 회장

Shin, Hyeon-Man CEO

Hyun-man Shin is a journalist, a leadership expert, and a CEO. Mr. Shin holds a BA in English Education from Seoul National University and a master’s degree from the Graduate school of Journalism & Mass Communication Hanyang University. He worked as a journalist and served as the head of the president’s office and planning department as the CEO of a subsidiary company of Hankyoreh. Also, he was a visiting professor at Open Cyber University of Korea and worked as the CEO of The Asia Business Daily Co., Ltd. He wrote many bestsellers on leadership, self-improvement and economics & Business. For example, 『CEO’s Principles』, 『Why do you go to work』, 『CEO’s thinking』, 『To be a boss』, 『Above all, win a person’s favor』, 『1% secret of the people the company holds』. He has directed the management of the company as a Chairman. Further, he has consulted, lectured, taught, written, and broadcasted on leadership, human resources, and organizational management.

진국영 사장

Jin, kuk-Young President

Guk-young Jin majored in Korean History at Seoul National University and completed military service as an Air Force officer. He worked as a journalist at the Dong-A Ilbo & Chosun Ilbo. He directed productization in Namo Interactive and developed E-Biz in another venture company. Based on his great knowledge and a wealth of experience in the IT field, he completely understands recent trends. After joining Careercare, he consulted for major companies as chief of Global Business headquarters. Also he establishes medium-and long-term strategies including a new business model and takes charge of business planning. As the current president of Careercare, he takes the lead on Digital Department and Business People business.

이영미 수석 부사장

Lee, Young-Mi Senior Vice President

Young-mi Lee has extensive experience in consulting global enterprises and major conglomerates about talent for executives. Also, she establishes a wide network of CEOs of major companies and talent. Ms. Lee discovers talented people and CEOs for the international expansion of Korean companies and leads consulting business as the director of Global Business Headquarters at Careercare. Further, she has actively engaged in giving lectures, writing, and broadcasting about how to procure and cultivate talented personnel for companies. After graduating from Kookmin University with a B.A. in English Literature, she worked for Cathay Pacific and Giordano.

윤문재 부사장

Yun, Moon-Jae Vice President

Moon-jae Yun majored in Economics at Korea University, and had worked at Cheil worldwide Inc. for 24 years and was in charge of advertising planning and human resources department. Mr. Yun was a director of advertisement and communication while progressing campaign about PR of fashion, motors, and corporations. He discovered, promoted, estimated, and placed talent as chief human resources officer. Then, he worked as a director of brand marketing, PR, and HR at Megabox. Also, he establishes a wide network with CEOs of major Korean companies based on a wealth of experience and expertise in advertising, brand marketing, content, and human resources. Mr.Yun is currently the head of Careercare PEPG, leading the private equity fund (PEF) headquarters. Through the PE portfolio project, he is discovering key executives optimized for each stage of investment, including the due diligence stage, PMI stage, and value-up stage.

송현순 부사장

Song, Hyun-Soon Vice President

Hyun-Soon Song is a specialized consultant in medical and pharmaceutical as majored biology and microbiology in Masters Degree. She worked for Korea National Institues of Health, in charge of serum diagnosis. She also worked as a sales and marketing manager at Korma Bio Tech and BD Korea Ltd. She accurately understands international business trends in the healthcare field, and has a close relationship with domestic and foreign experts including the management of conglomerates and multinational companies. Having the reputation of penetrating the healthcare talent market, now she is a senior executive director of Healthcare Business Headquarter at Careercare. Industry expertise: Life Science, Pharmacy, Biosimilars, Medical Device, Biotechnology and Healthcare. She graduated Sookmyung Woman's University in microbiology (M.S.)

윤승연 부사장

Yoon, Seung-Yeon Vice President

Seung-Yeon Yoon majored in Economics and Business Administration at Yonsei University. As a Korea’s leading consultant in financial sector, she is well versed in the latest trends of financial industry and establishes trust relationship with financiers at home and abroad. Serving as a financial consultant for a long time, she has recommended chief executives, board members, business executives and key experts to local and foreign banks, securities, insurance, asset management and private equity firms, as well as holding companies of major financial groups. In particular, she has worked on a number of projects organizing board members and has a lot of experience participating in selecting the chief executive officer in the public sector. She currently leads consulting department for finding experts who can create new growth engines for Korea companies.

장대훈 전무

Chang, David Senior Executive Director

David Chang get Master of Business Administration(MBA) at Seoul National University. After working at Samsung Life Insurance, he worked as a business strategy consultant for a financial company at Booz-Allen & Hamilton. He worked as a stock management manager at asset management companies such as LG Asset Management and BNP Paribas. He joined Careercare and has discovered managers and key experts in finance, securities, asset management, PE and VC. Currently, as the head of the Finance search group, he leads the talent consulting organization in charge of financial holding companies, banks, securities, insurance, credit card, asset management companies, PE and VC.

박선정 전무

Park, Sun-Jung Senior Executive Director

Sun-Jung Park majored in Statistics and Business Administration at Yonsei University. She led customer research and product planning at LG Electronics, and company-wide marketing, business planning and new business strategy at Woongjin Cuchen and Coway. At Careercare, she recommended executives and key talents to major companies in the consumer sector, focusing on discovering private equity management experts as well as managers of companies acquired by private equity funds. Afterwards, as the head of Recruit Consulting Group, she consulted on recruitment strategies and methods for public companies, public institutions, associations, and large enterprises in the private sector. Park currently serves as the head of the Talent Strategy Group, providing customized talent strategy solution services.

이강필 전무

Lee, Kang-Pil Senior Executive Director

Kang-pil Lee majored in Journalism and Broadcasting at Sogang University. He joined the Dong-A Ilbo as a reporter and created a magazine for 10 years. After writing the last article in , he left the media industry and moved to an IT-related company to conduct a web solution business. Immediately after the launch of the economic newspaper , he returned to the media industry and served as the head of the business division. Currently, he is leading the publishing business as the head of of Careercare. In particular, the focus is on capturing the discourse of Korean society in books through major figures leading Korean society.

정민호 전무

Jung, Min-ho Senior Executive Director

Min-Ho Jung majored in Sociology in Seoul National University. In a global shopping and distribution company, he was responsible for establishing the company's strategy and execution plan through analysis and forecasting of the business environment and business status. After joining Careercare, he was in charge of human resources organization design, training, and consulting. And he found experts in business strategy, management planning consulting, research institutes, and digital fields and recommended them to companies. Currently, as the head of the Management Strategy Department, he is in charge of mid- to long-term strategy establishment, new business planning, business planning, and support.