Business area

Careercare is the largest head hunting corporation

Executive local search

  • - Recommendation of CEO and executives
  • - Recommendation of experts and experienced employees

Executive Global search

  • - Recommendation of foreign employee
  • - Supports recruiting local employee at overseas
  • - Dispatch of CEO and expert

Reference check

  • - Check reputation of executive
  • - Check reputation of professional
  • - Check reputation of experienced employee
  • - Check reputation at overseas
  • - SNS screening

HR Consulting

  • - Educate and dispatch of interviewer
  • - Development of assignment
  • - Evaluation on individuals (competency modeling, organization analysis, assessment on competency and performances)
  • - Personality assessment

Career consulting

  • - Provides information for career management and consulting
  • - Supports transfer and change of occupation

Talent consulting

  • - Designs and establishes recruitment process and assessment tools
  • - Acts as an agency for proceeding recruitment process for different types and phases
  • Executive local search

    Securing the best human resource is the essential factor and the fastest way to achieve corporation’s management goal. The Executive Search Service, provided by 100 recruitment consultants from Careercare, is a recruitment service acknowledged by representative corporations of Korea for its high quality.

  • Executive Global search

  • Reference check

    Checking what the former supervisor and coworkers thinks about the candidate is an important process for a successful employment. However, it can damage the relationship with the candidate resulting in the employment failure. Reference Check is a service that the HR firm evaluates and analyzes the client on behalf of client.

  • Talent consulting

    Careercare has a tools and the systems which will upgrade your client’s recruiting process by providing a wide range of services such as scientific diagnosis and restructure of a recruiting system. Such as, setting up of competence model which reflects client’s prospect, development of evaluation standard, interviewer training and so on.

  • Career consulting

    Careercare establishes career path, supports transfers and changes in jobs and reinforces individual brands through integrated analysis on the latest trend of industry and corporations, job market information and information on 200,000 major human resources to provide career consulting service required as we have jobs in our lifetime.

  • HR Consulting

    Consultants from Careercare have accumulated field experiences by providing top elites to over 5,000 leading companies inside and outside of Korea, equipped with Hard & Soft Skills and had professional analysis ability to provide the finest consulting service on recruitment, development of key human resource, organization culture, organization strategy and overall HR.