Career consulting

Career Consulting is a service that supports client’s career management. We help our clients to achieve their career goals by searching various solutions such as direction of career, proposing alternative choices, searching career aptitude and retirement planning considering the needs of clients. Careercare’s Career Consulting collects information of the past, present and future of our clients to assess their career value and to support their career goals by using comparative analysis on successful cases in our company and analyzing outside circumstances.

Total Career Solution
고객 경력가치 평가
Professional consultant group will assess the clients’ career value using their career information such as pre-interview questionnaires (client career skill information), multiple profile analysis (competency/personality/reputation) and consulting interview.
  • Career Consulting

    Career assessment through consulting with professional consultant and check reality of career goal

  • Potential Analysis

    Analyze competency, personality, reputation and career value

  • Success Solution

    Provides information on industrial fields and corporation, supports career goal and career development, and provides service for resume, career description and interview simulation

Online Career Consulting
온라인 컨설팅
We can provide quick and convenient career consulting through online for our clients who are having hard time booking a consultation due to busy schedule or staying in overseas or other provinces,
  • Career Consulting

    Career assessment through online consulting to check reality of career goal