Executive Global search

"Finding and hiring foreign talent"

Demands for foreign employees are rising as Korean corporations’ advancement to the world is accelerated. Major corporations have dispatched global HR managers for rapid increase of foreign employees in headquarters in Korea and in local companies in overseas. In order to respond to demands of corporations with swiftness and flexibility, Careercare is operating global department, which is responsible for recruiting foreign employees.

Recruiting Organization, Locally Based, Business Partnership, Optimizing Talent
  • The only corporation specialized in recruiting foreign employees in Korea.

    Careercare can help you find employees in global level and local employees for local companies in overseas. Hence, you do not have to request to global search firm or local search firms, or dispatch your employee to overseas.

  • Expert consultants on major regions of the world

    Careercare’s discovery and recommendation of foreign employees is done by expert consultants from overseas. These consultants are from USA, Canada, Germany, England, France, Italy, Japan, China, India, Russia, Brazil, Hong Kong and Singapore and have foundation there. Through networks of these consultants, which was built as they trained and worked in their own nations, they can find right candidates quickly and accurately.

  • Business collaboration with global search firms and local search firms

    Careercare’s foreign employee recommendation service is operated together with global search firms having branches all over the world and local search firms having solid foundation throughout the world. Mainly, Careercare’s expert consultants are in charge of the projects. But if client’s purposes and time requires different settings, we work with other search firms connected throughout the world to find qualified personnel.

  • Foreign employees fit for status of Korean corporations

    What the corporation wants is ‘the most optimal workers (right people), ’not ‘the best workers (best people)’. In order to bring out the best performances in Korean corporation, one must understand structure and culture of Korean organizations. Anyone can find the best workers, but only consultants who understand the corporation well can find the best workers.