HR Consulting

In many cases, corporations hire an elephant and asked to do a squirrel’s job and train him to be a squirrel. This reduces productivity of corporation. Employees (right people) who are capable of fulfilling corporation’s needs must be hired in order to increase productivity and have better results. Careercare’s HR laboratory provides consulting service for overall recruitment processes such as education and dispatch of interviewer, competency modeling, organization assessment, aptitude assessment, performance evaluation and personality assessment based on methods of Assessment Center.

  • Education and dispatch of interviewer

    Careercare provides Structured Interview Service to make credible interview and accurately assess employee’s ability required for task. We provide all services including designing interview, educating interviewer, dispatching of interviewer and developing interview question pools.

  • Development of assignment

    Careercare develops assignment that could be used for recruitment, education and promotion of executives. Among many tools, we use AC (Assessment Center) method, which is proved to be highly valid; thus, it could be used to choose the most suitable employee as well as reinforce job competence of executives.

  • Employee Evaluation

    Careercare’s employee evaluation center provides services such as competency modeling, organization assessment and performance evaluation for improvement of individual and organization productivity within HR.

  • Personality Test

    Careercare Profile Report (CPR) is a tool for personality test developed by Careercare. It is a service, which finds target’s behavior pattern and changes it into informative data, and it is used by the corporation. Since CPR is a personality test based on one’s capability, it is possible to find out one’s capability, personality and ethical behavioral intention at the same time.