Talent consulting

We use scientific approach to redesign client’s recruitment system. Reflecting upon client’s image of ideal worker, we create capability model, develop assessment standard and interview assignment and educate and send interviewers for overall process of recruitment in overseas. By utilizing other specialized agencies, we standardize human resource affairs to increase efficiency, accuracy, speed and transparency of recruitment process, which requires objective assessment standards.

Establish and manage recruitment process
채용 프로세스 설계
In order to recruit excellent employees matching corporation’s ideal image, CareerCare’s consulting service analyzes recruitment process of the corporate clients and constructs new recruitment process that it suitable for the client’s needs.
  • Analyze previous process
  • Set up competency assessment considering the ideal image of employee pursued by the corporation
  • Design and construct assessment tools and recruitment process
Recruitment agency
고객기업 경재력 향상
With objective and professional recruitment solution, this service improves competitiveness and production of our corporate clients by acting as an agency to secure excellent employees.
  • Full Care

    Takes care of all recruitment process from application review, written test, interview and more.

  • Partial Care

    Takes care of partial service required for recruitment process like screening resumes, setting up interview assignments, educating interviewers and more.