Reference check

Careercare’s reputation check service is preceded by expert consultants of Careercare. Reputation check is preceded by consultants who have the best know-how on Korean human resource market, and they are acknowledged for their expertise and sincerity by global corporations. We understand the purpose and aim for reputation check and provide professional and perceptive reports, so that our clients can make the best decision.

  • Leadership & StyleReputation check service for executives

    Check their leadership, work style and other qualifications matching corporation’s recruitment purpose

  • A thorough screeningReputation check service for experts

    Reputation check based on aptitude assessment Check candidate’s capability in expertise, which is
    easy to miss out in actual recruitment process

  • Practical capacityReputation check service for experienced employees

    Check their working ability and organizational adaptability

  • Global NetworkReputation check service for foreigners

    Careercare can use its own global network to check capability of foreign employees which is difficult to check in normal circumstances

  • SNS stereologic analysisSNS screening service

    Collect and analyze information from SNS for solid analysis of candidate’s inner side.